Our Vision: Pikes Peak Region In 2020
dreamcity_logoThe Ball Is Rolling...
The organizers of Dream City would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who made the first Dream City Vision 2020 Summit such a major success !

Also, a large thank you, to the organizers, champions, and volunteer contributors who helped develop and stage the summit... as well as the over 300+ citizens who participated in "Forging the Future" of Colorado Springs, to help contribute to positive changes in our community.

Interested in the Vision? Are you (or your organization) currently involved or interested in advancing part of the Dream City 2020 Vision ? Tell us how HERE! .

How This all Started: Dream City sprouted as a grassroots, community-owned project over a year ago that was designed to engage people throughout the Pikes Peak region in meaningful dialogue about what we want for our community in the coming decade, by the year 2020.

Some History: Below is a quick video overview of the initial Dream City Vision from some of the representatives of the four founding partner organizations:
Warren Epstein - Entertainment Editor
(The Gazette)
Amanda Mountain - Director of Gazette Charities and Special Projects
(The Gazette)
Susan Saksa - Executive Director
(Leadership Pikes Peak)
Dee Vazquez - Community Relations Officer
(Pikes Peak Library District)
Bettina Swigger - Executive Director
(Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region)

These observations were the original goals and objectives behind the Dream City 2020 Vision, which helped to further develop the concepts and ideas behind the grass roots led collaborative citizen communications efforts...

The Impact:
- Nine months into the process, we see those visions taking shape.
- More than 300 organizations joined the Vision Sessions.
- More than 3,000 citizens helped plot a course for the future.
- Kids, teachers, architects, businessmen and women, artists, politicians and others have shared their powerful ideas.

The Next Step: "Dreams to Actions"
Common values and dynamic ideas have emerged from these sessions and they're fueling the next phase of the project. We will invite individuals and groups working toward one or more of the 50 vision priorities to let us know about their ongoing efforts in the future to effect some of the suggested initiatives.

The Program Partners:
Although The Gazette, Leadership Pikes Peak, Pikes Peak Library District and COPPeR (Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region) were the initial organizing entities behind the initiative...

copper gazette logo_color PPLD

...Dream City is OWNED by you. Your ideas about our future as a region are just as important as anyone else's, and together we can inspire, educate and mobilize this community to create a better place for us all to live, work and play.

Your Dream City Vision 2020 Portal:
This new web-site you will let you participate directly and keep up-to-date on the 10 areas of our community vision (listed as "tabs" at the top of this web-page). You can link to who is involved, (we call them "Community Champions"). You can review the grass roots information that was originally gathered through our visioning and brainstorming circles, and you can learn how to get involved and connect to the unique Quality-of-Life Indicator reports for each area of the Dream City 2020 vision.

Each of the 10 "Public Portals" provides a unique set of engagement and communications tools to help facilitate citizen-led change and action towards our future community. You can select one of these portals from the tabs at the top of this web-page. Go ahead, dive-in, and participate in creating a visionary future for Colorado Springs !!

Get Involved & Join the Discussions...
For more inforormation on becoming a community champion or connecting with community groups and individuals who are working on pieces of this vision, just call Becci Ruder at Leadership Pikes Peak at: (719) 632-2618, Ext 24 or email Becci Ruder at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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