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Vision Statement


1. We are a model green city for the nation, relying on renewable and sustainable energy, including a commitment to solar- and wind-generated power.

2.  We recycle and reuse our resources. Everyone has access to affordable curbside recycling of plastic, glass and metals.

3.  We utilize efficient and conservative water resource management, and require that new construction meet the highest conservation standards.

4.  We have multiple uses for parks and open space, and we preserve the natural landscape that defines our community.

5.  There is synergy between the built and natural environments.

Comments (2)
  • erwinddd

    High density where neighbors can reach out an touch there neighbors house from their own window does not increase quality of life. Neither does high density condos or lofts downtown. These are generally very expensive. Many cities, in an effort to limit sprawl have made there cities so costly that many cannot afford to live there. The result is increased leapfrog sprawl as people move further away. A prime example of this is Boulder. Due to Boulder's growth limitation and open space policies, growth jumped the buffer into nearby communities. This can be referred to as the "Boulder Effect" Thus, the result of these sprawl limitation efforts is actually the exact opposite, more sprawl.

  • erwinddd  - Trees

    The city should require developers to plant at least one tree for every 1,000 square feet of lot space. Additionally, the practice of forcing homes in ever smaller lots must end. These small lots prevent people from planting trees. Additionally, they endanger our youth, and promote obesity. Without yards large enough to play games in, kids either play in the street (where they an get run over), or play video games or other indoor activities, promoting obesity. Thus, larger lots will allow more trees to suck access carbon, and reduce obesity. I am not advcocating acreage lots which skyrocket sprawl. Suburban lots like those developed in the 70's are just about right.

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