Q. What is Dream City?

A. Dream City: Vision 2020 is a community-wide initiative about the future of the Pikes Peak region. It already has inspired art exhibits, lectures and brainstorming sessions involving more than 3,000 local citizens. It is now involved in a dialogue-to-action phase.

Q. How can I get involved?

A . . We’d to hear about what you or your organization is doing to advance the visions articulated in the first phase of the project. Click here to fill out a brief survey.

Q. Is Dream City only for residents of Colorado Springs?

A. Absolutely not. This is a regional project for people who live in El Paso County, surrounding towns and unincorporated areas. Everyone who has a stake in this region is invited and encouraged to be part of the Dream City vision.

Q. How does Dream City differ from other/past community visioning projects?

A. Not since 1976 has our community embarked on a project of this magnitude - and that process generated ideas that lead to the development of the Pikes Peak Center, Downtown Partnership, the expansion of the Colorado Springs airport into a regional facility and more. The aim of Dream City has been to reach out to each and every citizen - from young children to artists to senior citizens - and engage them in this crucial visioning process.  We want to help empower citizens to stay engaged as we work together to bring ideas to fruition.
Dream City will also inspire and engage the team members of the Collaborative Community Planning Program, a new initiative by Colorado Citizens for Culture, supported by the Colorado Council on the Arts and the Boettcher Foundation. Colorado Springs was chosen as one of eight communities statewide to participate in this program, which will connect representatives from Colorado Springs to a peer network of consultants and experts in an ongoing discussion about how to integrate arts and culture in to our area's long-term planning process.

Q. How will Dream City tie in to the Pikes Peak Library District's All Pikes Peak Reads program?

A. The library district has committed to connecting their extremely successful regional initiative to Dream City. Last year’s  books, "The Grapes of Wrath" and "The Worst Hard Time," provided local organizations with the opportunity to look back at lessons we could learn from the past in planning for a better future.  This year’s APPR program will look forward, with a book or series of books related to the future: Rocket Boys (October Sky) , Have Spacesuit Will Travel, Community: The Structure of Belonging, The Space Tourist's Handbook, and Space Wars: The First Six Hours of WWIII.

Q. How did the idea for the Dream City project start?

A. It started at The Gazette, where a couple of associates began dreaming about new ways to utilize the newspaper to help build community. They realized the key to any kind of region-wide community-building initiative would be reach. So they reached out to Leadership Pikes Peak, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR) and the Pikes Peak Library District, and the idea grew into Dream City even as it continues to evolve.

Q. What will be the end result of this project?

A. Our first steps in the process were an amazing success, engaging more than 3,000 citizens in brainstorming sessions about the future and then creating follow-up topic circles that identified and boiled down the common-ground themes from those sessions.  The result is an in-depth vision that charts new directions in various topics, from traffic to health care.  But one thing to keep in mind is that a vision is different than a strategic plan. A strategic plan is a static document used by an organization. A vision is an evolving, guiding force owned by everyone. It will be local champions who find pieces of this vision they can make happen, and Dream City will support those efforts.