Vision Session Summaries - Community Engagement
Session Information Date/Time Introductory/Ice Breaker Question The Pikes Peak region is an ideal community in 2020 if: What exists currently; qualities, organizations, etc. that we need to preserve? What are things that we need to create or develop to make this your ideal community?
Diane Salek; Pikes Peak Library District; 10 participants; East Library 5550 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs CO 80918 11, 13, 2008, 8:00 Strong non-profit sector Vibrant downtown with good access Intergenerational attractions Military partnerships Communication to connect community the community has a clear identity Embraces diversity Fewer redundant services and organizations Cultural diversity Unique identities within the Community Strong school communities Library system Arts and education Cultural festivals Improved communication about events and programs Create a more vibrant downtown that encourages young people to remain in the community Better collaboration between non- profit organizations More political activism
Sharon Dobson PPLD Staff meeting 10 attendees East Library, Union St. Colorado Springs 11, 13, 2008, 8:00 -many, many non profits to cover areas that in other parts of the country would be covered by different taxations -concern that some of the non-profits are over lapping. In this economy, all non profits are in more jeopardy. -the population seems to be fairly willing to become engaged in community causes and idea was that this willingness is a result of good weather and many transplanted inhabitants who are reaching out to meet and engage in their new community - stronger presence of the colleges / universities in the area addressed in intro comments addressed in future comments
Kira Pasquesi Student group called the Roosevelt Institution at Colorado College 7 people Held at the Partnership for Civic Engagement at Colorado College 12, 9, 2008, 3:30 Diverse population College students are a part of community events, and vice versa Mutual respect between "town and gown", increased interaction Colleges provide services to free to the community, utilize their talents and contributions
Change inter community interactions with churches, Focus on the Family, and Air Force (we need to understand one another)
Huy N. Tran Pikes Peak Library District East Library, Colorado Springs 9 attendees 11, 13, 2008, 8:00
Many vibrant community centers and gathering spaces. High degree of community involvement, sense of ownership, responsibility and pride. Continued presence of the US Olympic Committee and training centers. Publicize governmental and community boards to generate interest and awareness. Publicize community services and programs such as the Citizen's Academy. Create a culture for access to political and community life. Develop common interest issues to reduce polarization within the community.
Paul Martinez, Pikes Peak Library District Supervisor Meeting, Union Blvd, 10 participants. 11, 13, 2008, 8:00 More activities for Senior Citizens - Senior Community Center - central location More engagement of all citizens - give everyone the big picture view- steering committees to create the larger vision for the whole - all groups represented- find common ground and work from that - forward movement. Collaboration is key. Collaboration of institutions- libraries could possibly serve as central hubs for the neighborhood in which they are located - computer classes for seniors, center with sofas and chairs. Connect library with YMCA to serve varying needs in central locations. Theater district - such as Denver's We need central information source - a forum where all citizens can plug into to get informed about local, regional, state, and national issues. Website the links the whole community - anything you need whether business, nonprofit, 211, govt, health dept, etc. Connect citizens to the goings on of government in an informative/interesting way citizens completely engaged, voluteerism, connected into arts, culture, govt Western hospitality Continued support of military and military families Walks to support non-profits Sense of community - we are short sighted migth be attributed to transient nature of some aspects of our community - core needs to keep community connected and seek inclusion of new comers. Empathy and understaning of each other as citizens Seek to learn from different point of view Western metality tends to be about individualism - creates difficulty in generting unity without a focus on what's in it for me connect citizens via technology - wireless througout city help homeless get re-introduced into community opportunities and integration of immigrants Increase interest in volunteerism - helping people connect with areas of interest: You make your community
Debbie Swanson Pikes Peak Library District Supervisors 7 PPLD East Library 11, 12, 2008, 8:00
More volunteerism to offset cost of community amenities Use low/no skill workers to offset costs for community improvements Reduce property tax or offer sales tax rebate if property owners volunteer and perform community service that improves our city High degree of volunteerism Community Service and volunteers for community - develop incentives
Mark Tremmel,Pikes Peak Library District, 90, East Library 11, 13, 2008, 8:00 Dream City could be key community engaement vehicle Champion of diversity with stakeholder voices heard always Sky Sox and other guy acitivities, More neighborhood shops and parks, positve community image, small and inclusive community centers, more mixed use, and more public music spaces.
Sarah White primary faciliator, Paul Martinez secondary facilitator, scribe and entered feedback from the Urban League Facilitation session, 6 attendees, session took place at the Urban League Board Room. 1, 9, 2009, 16:00 Circle of children looking up - future vision of people of all backgrounds working together, toward agreement and accomplishment of common goals- diverse unity/teamwork. - Sense of cohesiveness amongst all groups - People of all races, political points of view, sexual orientation, gender, actively serving on board, comissions, and decision making bodies. - down town is viewed as central connecting point and showcases all multicultural aspects of the city inhabitants - community organizations working together to solve and address issues - -Youth speak outs associated with common problems/issues such as drugs, alchohol, staying in shcool faced by students - Leadership Pikes Peak, Center for Creative Leadership Community Leadership Program, El Pomar Emerging Leaders Development Program, and all other associated programs There needs to be a citizens effort to educate the community on what it truly cost to generate and maintain the desire quality of life - ie , passage of ballot issue 1A and impact of not passing this type of tax increase to the community, attraction of business, safety, etc -increased community participation between police and various communities - increased # of neighborhood watches
Paula George ELD/BAC 9 people in my small group El Pomar Penrose House 1, 14, 2009, 17:30 Adults inspire children to excel Those who know share their knowledge freely There are black male role models We have collective input in decision-making We took the time in 2009 (and before) to start the process--and we are proud of it! The military is an integral part of the larger community We engage in collective governance We focus along the spectrum, from youth to elders Programs such as Dream City 2020 that seek input from all sectors of the community
Curtis Hill El Pomar Emerging Leaders BAC - Penrose House Subgroup of 7 1, 14, 2009, 18:00 Invest in future as mentor/coach
Respect El Pomar Emerging Leader is a great model of inclusivity to get all to the table Regional government instead of city government.

,  ,  ,

Suzanne Tullien, Women In Business Breakfast, about 32, New England Financial 1, 22, 2009, 8:00
we enhanced our Arts & Cultural support; more youth community services; a designated arts/cultural; create a more unified community between colleges, churches, races, religion Assertive business culture focus on melding the military more with the civilian community -- we don't do enough for them!!! Acknowledgement!!
Karole Campbell - women's networking group @ The New England 1/22 @ 7:30A, approximately 35-40 total attendees, 12-15 in my breakout group 1, 22, 2009, 7:30
Improved diversity: Social, political, intellectual, economic, religious, racial, ethnic, develop and promote cultural diversity; tax is not a dirty word - work together to pay our way and provide necessary services Events: Balloon Classic, Territory Days, Ascent,
Jes Raintree Colorado College (Staff and students) 19 1, 22, 2009, 11:30

Community activism (get more people/voices involved) Intercommunity dialog (active place and purpose to get all voices) Community supported agriculture (more and greater access to local grown) Volunteerism
Jane Aiello,BIBB, 33 total 11 in my group, NEF 1, 22, 2009, 7:30
more military involvement, intergenerational opportunites, involve the homeless population in decision making,
involve everyone, make the city cohesive instead of segmented
Bob Stovall, HB&A Architects 8 people, 102 East Moreno, CS 1, 23, 2009, 11:30 Density and hub activity; diversity and connections;place to meet and watch people engaged citizenry; innovative government; friendly neighborhoods; community services Keep and improve level of citizen involvement City Council should make decisions with benefit to entire City in mind, not let narrower interests override larger decisions; higher density and less sprawl will help build community
Shree Hardikar Nath Philosophical Cafe Group: 8 participants. Broadmoor Church, Lake Avenue. 1, 27, 2009, 10:00 Small community.Would like smaller population. Community willing to invest $$ in its future. Maintaining focus on "ideal".

Shree H. Nath Addendum to Philosophical Cafe group (Last screen) 1, 27, 2009, 10:00

"Dream city" kept alive.. Diversity in practice.
Frank Kinder HB&A 13-14 1, 23, 2009, 11:00 3 story buildings help with density, define a streetscape, and have gaps with transit centered regions. There is a development coalition under the City Guise, where mass transit works, with increased density and and many available services. People are close and are friends. Private sector cooperates and restpects citiizens and the region. There is inclusion for all groups. Planning, policy making, is inclusive; there is reduced elitism and inclusion of all demographics. small schools, charter schools. full access to strong services. development has to accomodate all income levels and types. We are the rocky mountain center of the 'Creative Class' (richard florida)
Kira Pasquesi El Pomar-Asian American Council, Emerging Leaders Program 8 participants Penrose House 1, 27, 2009, 6:00 Working across generations, lend a helping hand to your neighbor All kids have an advocate Effective local government system, no duplication Sense of community and civic involvement, not the same people getting involved over and over again Quality and quantity of our non-profits Less competing non-profits, work together Cohesive sectors of the city More community organizations targeted at youth, volunteer driven
Jes Raintree Seniors Philosophical Cafe 10 (Table #1 Group) 40 Total Broadmoor Community Church 1, 27, 2009, 10:00

Gathering spots for teens to socialize Resources for cross generational community (activities, etc. for all ages birth-death)
Jes Raintree Seniors Philosophical Cafe 40 (Large group wrap up of all 5 table groups) Broadmoor Community Church 12, 27, 2009, 10:00 Volunteer, get invested in process, glad to be asked to share thoughts City is aging, senior must participate Our community are the decision makers Focused discussions make things attainable (tap into expertise and enthusiasm

Debbie Swanson Asian American Advisory Council 11 in large group - 5 in my small group Penrose House 1, 29, 2009, 17:30
Strong sense of community responsibility by individuals - Strong participation by community - individuals don't say "it's someone else's responsibility" Ownership - responsibility as a citizen Have common goals as a community (None) Grow a sense of personal responsibility of each individual citizen for the comunity and its future Community must be involved in a checks and balance system
Emilie Satterwhite, Cheyenne Village Administrative Office, In my group there were 10 participants in the discussion 2, 10, 2009, 9:00 -Walkable community with people socializing -Community volunteers helping with activities like youth sports teams -military bases participate within the community -Neighborhood watches, neighborhood associations -Every person in the community volunteers -Community centers provide venues for interaction and activities -Active city planners, both elected and lay -Community Centers (like Hillside and West Intergenerational Center) -The new Marion House -Colorado Springs Senior Center -Good mom and pop restaurants -Wide variety of churches that provide services to community population without agenda -improve citizen interest in all aspects of the community from schools to community events and everything else to create more citizen buyin for projects to allow funding -Public center for those with disabilities like the senior center
Kira Pasquesi ESL Students 4 attendees Helen Hunt Elementary 2, 9, 2009, 6:00 Adults and kids working together with a common goal Working together and gathering as a community Utilizing public spaces as meeting areas Care for our neighbors Market atmosphere like in Mexico Walkable community centers Sense of civic responsibility Different cultures working together on a shared goal Immigrant responsibility to help education about their culture to help dispel stereotypes and miscommunication
Immigration system reform Afraid to participate in community events because of legal status Current immigration system perpetuates inequalities Eliminate a dependence on an "endless war"
Kira Pasquesi Developmentally disabled and their caretakers/staff/family members 12 attendees Cheyenne Village 2, 10, 2009, 9:00 Diversity of the population Celebrate working together Community-wide celebrations with people coming together Everyone is interconnected and we help each other to understand a variety of perspectives Disabled serve as representatives of the community on committees etc. Relationship with military bases Excellent work of non-profits Veterans organizations get more involved with community Promote diversity and awareness of other needs
Kira Pasquesi 7th grade students 6 attendees North Middle School AVID classroom 2, 11, 2009, 2:00 Team work, everyone contributing to a problem Older and younger people working together No more inequalities between people Less stratified social system Preserve the family

Paula George Colorado College staff and students Nine in my small group Werner Campus Center 1, 22, 2009, 12:00
Sense of responsibility, civic engagement--infrastructure to support it, make it accessible Long-range-thinking leaders with community support Created a sustainable community--or "community, period!" Community engagement with government support Social responsibility over self-interest found a way to engage in dialogue with those with strong opinions, respecting those with opposing viewpoints; relations with the religious community are marked by grace and civility We continue the dialogue on the interactions among religions Private, public, not-for-profit network of cooperation Manual labor required if you want to build a home; personal/financial investment--"sweat equity" Religious education and acceptance Educate other groups on who you are/what you believe
Paula George Philosophers' Cafe 8 in my small group Broadmoor Community Church 1, 27, 2009, 10:00
We teach the importance of service, it is the cultural norm A secular (or spiritual) conscience/society, ala Spinoza Live by the Golden Rule We train peacemakers, using the current infrastructure (Ft. Carson)--its the cultural norm, and it's profitable Preserve school buildings for teen centers, vocational training/ recreational centers, playgrounds are open, youth sports Service to others--community and politics Opportunity to mingle age groups Interaction between youth and elderly We (the small group) are the new City Council!
Kira Pasquesi 7th grade students 6 attendees North Middle School AVID program (Continued from last survey-pressed submit too soon) ,  ,  ,

Wendy Mack UCCS Group #2 8 attendees Dwire Hall, UCCS Campus 2, 13, 2009, 10:30 People care and are connected - it's easy to get others involved Being a part of the community Liberal, activist community We can talk through differences We are a connected community We are inclusive - intergenerationally, politically, racially We've worked hard to leave a community that we are proud of for the next generation The community has grown together The active collaboration of the community Our connectedness at the grass roots level Community engagement Leaders in the spaces between organizations We actively define the community we want We sit and have conversations to talk through differences
Debbie Swanson People w/ developmental disabilities & allies 13 in my group Cheyenne Village Admin, 6275 Lehman Dr. 2, 10, 2009, 9:00

Access to local government Church friendliness Business/nonprofit/social sector partnerships Citizen brainstorming continues after plans finished "Small" city feel - everyone knows everyone Keeping schools open for alternative use, especially family and neighborhood activities A good community newspaper More citizen involvement in problem solving (not all the gov't problem solving) Neighborhood watch programs More coordinated neighborhood organizations that promote inclusiveness "Neighborhood night out" - promote neighbors getting to know one another Social networks are inclusive of those with dev. disabilities
Debbie Swanson People w/ developmental disabilities & allies 7 West Intergenerational Learning Center 2, 11, 2009, 19:00
The village raises the children. Embrace diversity, not just race, but disabilities, too. Senior citizens give of their wisdom. Seniors share in meaningful ways to give back to the community. Everyone (esp. those differently abled) have immense opportunities for involvement in the community. Opportunities for social integration of those with disabilities. Not dependent on police/fire depts. for safety, but we watch over each other. Continuously evaluate plans and plannings strategically for future. More connectivity between "pods" within city. People frequent all parts of the city. Maintain individual town/city identities, but still manage to keep them linked together. Individual towns and cities draw strength from each other. Individual towns and cities work to better the quality of life for the region. Spirit of volunteerism. Spirit of generosity. Hospitality and friendliness. Sense of social consciousness. Sense of social activism (positive). Sense of social passion. Grass roots efforts Sense of pioneerism/adventurous spirit. Awareness and investment in our infrastructure. Willingness to do what it takes to preserve infrastructure - may not be money. Method to tell the stories of community needs. Create opportunities to tell the stories of community needs - use more media. Use technology to tell stories of community needs. Personalize stories telling of comunity needs. Engage local talent in higher ed. to work on real community issues. Collaborate to overlap services, e.g., aging dev. disabilities population and senior aging services. Fearless environment to collaborate. Get rid of protectivism of indvidual organizations.
Debbie Swanson People w/ developmental disabilites & allies 12 Hillside Community Center 2, 12, 2009, 18:00 Raising kids where the community cares. Seniors can get health and financial help needed to stay in own homes. Neighborhood HOAs are your community, not punitive membership orgs. HOAs to get to know and help neighbors. A sense of responsibility to neighbors. Can neighbors put together activities and programs for youth, elderly, those with disabilities, and others, instead of depending on gov't assistance? People feel open to each other. Keep library system. Keep neighborhood community centers. Generous community (e.g., Empty Stocking fund). Sense of Christian community. Value Christian values and ministries. Values are strong here. Keep military, their values add to our community. Keep church and Christian ministries here, their values add to our community. Challenge/change HOAs to be positive, not punitive. Entire community needs to be involved - we all need to step forward to solve our community's problems. Businesses invest in volunteerism. Get youth engaged in social activism so they will be more successful as adults. Community cares for kids. National Night Out for Neighborhoods. Corporate promotion of sense of community. More activism from citizens. More representative gov't, but not micromanagement. Attract better, strong city officials. Promote respect for working gov't officials. Get rid of "what's in it for me?" attitude. Incentivize people to serve by showing how it helps them personally. Personal responsibility for our community/neighbors (not city council's problem). Partner with another city in US to cross volunteer services.
Paula George Those who support people with developmental disabilities 8 in my small group Hillside Community Center 2, 12, 2009, 18:00 Intergenerational communication Community involvement for ALL More consumer-run self-help organizations People with disabilities are represented in government, boards, clubs, etc. Pockets of inclusivity in areas throughout the community (i.e., neighborhood coffee shops, shops, etc. employing people with disabilities)
Frank Kinder USGBC 6 people Carnegie Room at Penrose Library. 2, 17, 2009, 16:00
Zoning changes support these urban corres to include loft living and mixed-use areas of pedestrian community. Our community's worldview has changed to reflect upon and accept the world's natural limits and we willingly reduce our consumption. Tourism was retained as an industry and promoted. We are not just a military focused region but more diverse in industry.
Frank Kinder, with updates to USGBC on 2/17/09 4 pm at Carnegi library 2, 17, 2009, 16:00

An added community focus that reduces temporary mindset of transient people with the military culture and industry.
Jane Aiello - Oz Architects 5 people Carnegie Room - Penrose Library 2, 11, 2009, 11:30 more senior involvment more senior involvment in schools military/community alliances n/a
Kelley Hicks Group: UCCS School of Public Affairs Total Attendees: Approx 35 Location: Dwire Hall, Room 204 UCCS Campus 2, 18, 2009, 5:30 Community activities and sports *Accessable and affordable events none mentioned * Retiree adopt-a-child program by providing mentorship to children and heighten accountability.
Lisa Salley Resource Exchange 7 Resource Exchange office 2, 17, 2009, 8:00 NOne Factions have lowered defenses and are working together. Religous, conservatives, liberal, etc.. all working toward a common goal. Great reputation for working together. Best qualities/talents of all generations. Working together, no barriers. An understanding of intergenerational issues. Diversity. Maintain our diversity and develop into a jewel (religious, military, natives, etc...) Opportunities for dialogue (similar to Dream City process). Embrace creative class More awareness that anyone can have an impact by contributing time, talent, etc..... People need to become personally involved. Military and community need stronger relationships. How to get the military involved in our community and draw on their strengths. Community answers to socila probles.
Chris Beyer, Tracy Cooper, Dottie Harman Book Group 10 Tracy's house 1, 9, 2009, 12:00
Inclusion of all citizens in city, planning in all areas. Your contributions and voice are heard. More diversity in leadership positions. Less reliance on private philanthropy (El Pomar). Individuals assume more responsibility. Leaders are responsive, visionary, responsible, accountable, diverse (gender, ethnicity). Community events such as Springs Pree, rodeo, 4th of July and Adaman. Preserve local newspaper. CELEBRATE all our positives.

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Warren Epstein PILLAR 3 Pillar offices 2, 4, 2009, 10:00

Robin Spaulding District 20 8 attendees at my table D-20 headquarter 2, 25, 2009, 11:00 Families intact Diverse community; family friendly activities such as expanded Park & Rec classes and sports artivities

Sarah White, Academy International Elementary, 5, 8550 Charity Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920 2, 24, 2009, 18:00

We need to teach children now the value of giving back to the community through community service and incorporate this mindset into schools.
Linda Meredith Church members 14 First Presbyterian Church 2, 23, 2009, 11:30
Smart growth leader Government with a long range plan Independence - western values Create a public will - willingness to build infrastructure; local support Vision: marketing, branding, city planning manual used in schools from an early age Long range planning government Create a consciousness to be a part of the process - media outreach for the greater good Fiscal responsibility
Paul Martinez faciliated the El Pomar ELD Black Advisory Council at Penrose House with a group of 10 1, 14, 2009, 6:00
clearly defined product of what the Pikes Peak area represents - it defines what we are about and is attractive to all demographics relative to work, play, people friendly infrastructures, collaborative communities

Kira Pasquesi District 20 Administration 8 people District 20 Administration Building 2, 25, 2009, 11:00 Community working together in partnerships Working together to use our best natural resources; kids Aspire and dream for the future generations
Community events and festivals Community building events Increase awareness of 211 and social services involved City officials meet people through neighborhood and town hall meetings
Kira Pasquesi Wasson HS Students 7 students Wasson HS classroom 2, 25, 2009, 2:30
Cultural diversity Bringing people together with common interests and volunteering Conduct a needs mapping Big town festivals, carnivals, high school parades and floats Spread the celebrations out all over town not just downtown Spirit of Manitou is awesome as well as community focus Field trips and openness of military bases City wide scavenger to get to know each other Create a community network Community groups needs to raise money for this effort Educate people and appeal to their self interest Spread info by word of mouth, flyers, and schools
Wendy Mack Public Safety Council for the QLI 10 attendess The Gay & Lesbian Fund 2, 26, 2009, 5:30 The "opening" of the community Laid back, accepting community Close community The population is diverse The community is welcoming the community is open and friendly

Paula George EDC/Hispanic Advisory Council 10 in my small group Penrose House 3, 4, 2009, 5:30
Partnerships among impactful groups/agencies/service providers; i.e. K-12 education, business, higher ed, non-profit The focus has shifted from the individual to the group where all are respected and accepted People are stepping forward to take part in the political process, thereby reducing influence-buying and corruption Programs such as EDC are fostering leaders who care about the community, not their own gain Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Springspree (but back downtown), Balloon Festival, other community events Leaders that are mindful of and responsive to the community's needs
David Gardner School District 20 Administrators 8 attendees in my group (1 of 4) D20 on Chapel Hills Road 2, 25, 2009, 11:00

- the public/private partnerships (e.g. The Southern Colorado Economic Forum)
Paula George EPC Bar Association 13 Pioneers' Museum courtroom 3, 5, 2009, 16:00 Different ages, ethnicities, sexes, etc. working together Everyone looking up/in the same direction Problem solving with the aid of technology Intergenerational interaction Our kids stay here We attract from other communities Integrate military productively and successfully We have alternative resolution technologies (like Restorative Justice) that eases the burden on the courts Lawyers are service-oriented, not always keeping their eye on the bottom line Free exchange of ideas, communication (groups like this) The Bar Association is more visible, present, engaged in the community Bar Association is integrated (all atty's must belong) We led the effort for a state Constitutional convention The Bar Association is such an attrative, vibrant group, people want to belong Community events (Springspree, Balloon Classic, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Hill Climb, Pikes Peak Marathon, Territory Days, rodeo/parade, etc.) Volunteerism Positive public image of Colorado Springs Political muscle Full community involvement (not just downtown) Community leaders who are engaged for the good of the whole community Volunteer center (one-stop shop) Community consensus regarding the direction of our future Strong, skilled, visionary leaders/trustees
Paula George Come One, Come All 11 attendees Penrose Library 3, 12, 2009, 18:00 More diversity of opinion, more people involved The City Council now appoints diverse people to committees and boards because it has the good of all as focus Shove Chapel Sunday afternoon meal for homeless Soup kitchen Honor minorities that have contributed to the community by naming schools, streets, etc. after them Community gardens
Edward Rosinski, Rockrimmon Library Open to the public, 15 people, 3, 11, 2009, 6:30 Community involvement and a government that follows the community lead Pride in the community Involving the younger generation in the process of community building Better involvement between the community and the military A community that looks out for each others “good neighbors” as we look out for ourselves Community involvement and a government that follows the community lead Pride in the community Involving the younger generation in the process of community building Small town feel with big town attraction Develop community interaction opportunities (ex: flowers, gardens) More grassroots efforts to improve the city as a whole
Lisa Tessarowicz Old Colorado City merchants, business owners, etc. 12 attendees total, 6 in my group Old Town Guest House 3, 10, 2009, 18:00 it's up to us (the citizens of CS) to make a difference there is participation of the entire community strong historical society: regional regional/neighborhood histories; acknowledge different histories visionary and competent leadership balance btwn (servant) leadership and community participation pioneering spirit - vision driving the area, envision the city, conscious community representative government our history strong leadership daily paper that allows for a balanced perspective neighborhoods are more engaged with each other pride in each neighborhood
Warren Epstein, Colorado Springs Leadership Summit, 4, Antlers Hilton 3, 17, 2009, 1:00

Kira Pasquesi Leadership Summit Table 2 people Antlers Hilton 3, 17, 2009, 1:30

Paula George North Colorado Springs Rotary Club 8 in my small group Embassy Suites 3, 18, 2009, 12:00

Kira Pasquesi Arts Commission 11 people City Hall 3, 17, 2009, 4:30 Balance of authority; be citizens more than just residents (saving the Pioneer Museum as an example) More community partnerships Acceptance of diversity Volunteer spirit Grassroots efforts Link between private and public sector Citizenship and a concern for your neighbor Civic pride; no embarrassment when you say where you're from Inform citizens of the acts of government and why in a social media form Leaders on city council City council and mayor that are visionaries
Jim Egbert North Colorado Springs Rotary Club 7 3, 18, 2009, 12:00

Maintain a continuing process of visioning and reporting. Develop & encourage forward thinking leadership.
Judith Rice-Jones/Faculty and staff of the Kraemer Library, UCCS/21 attendees/Library Conference Room 1, 20, 2009, 10:30
More volunteers. More neighborhood associations focused on community building. Volunteers
Judith Rice-Jones, Old North End Neighborhood Association/12/First Lutheran 3, 17, 2009, 19:30
Diversity of ideas all with strong ethics and values. Strong community participation in local schools. Strong civic participation and turn out for elections. Strong philanthropies.

Edward Rosinski Organization: OZ Architecture and NES Landscape Architects Number: we had two groups, 7 in my group Location: OZ Architecture Bldg 3, 20, 2009, 11:30 Parks and open space for community involvement Sense of community Appreciation and spirit of the community More mixed use neighbors (house, business, ex: old colorado city) Greater sense of big picture vision by the community
Jane Hammoud Trafalger Drive (Briargate) Neighborhood 12 attendees. In my home on Trafalger Drive- after dinner. 3, 12, 2009, 6:30 Ways to make neighborhoods feel part of larger community. All people in all neighborhoods are getting out and getting to know one another. Military community assimilated into broader community - not hidden out on bases. TV coverage of city council etc. The community participates in building and understands the vision of the future. Because they believe in the vision and political entities are transparent, people SUPPORT financing the efforts to make the vision a reality.
Bob Stovall UCCS College of Business, 9 at Dwire Hall 2, 13, 2009, 10:30 Crossing Guard - community involvement in keeping kids safe
Farmers markets More educated, wealthy individuals to support community programs
Edward Rosinski, 1, comments from on-line 8, 31, 2008,

Amy Pattin Internet comments 25 responses 3, 25, 2009, 16:30
People would help others and the community. People come together to get involved in activities to better the community. The parks and recreation areas where people can get together. Access to trails and public places. Willingness of people to help each other make this a better place to live.
Paula George Webpage comments 25 posters NA 3, 27, 2009, 14:00 This dialogue is finally starting
Neighborhood associations Peoples' willingness to step up during crises People are intentionally involved in the political process Personal involvement with youth Community-wide dialogue like this The willingness to determine the future together
Linda Meredith Leadership Summit, Antlers Hotel 6 3, 17, 2009, 13:30
The community as a whole is aware of what is going on Dream City needs to be broader than "city" to encompass the county and be intergenerational There is a respectful dialogue between citizens and elected officials and business leaders - finding points where we can all agree
We need to be sure that we are really reaching out with the QLI and collecting data that is appropriate for what we need to know and disseminate it far and wide. There needs to be consensus training in the community to lead us to finding the common ground. Community business leaders integrated into broad community through neighborhoods getting people engaged and involved
Emilie Satterwhite CS Chamber Rising Professionals 8 (at my table x 5 tables) Colorado College - Slocum Hall 3, 31, 2009, 12:00 -Diversity

-neighborhood associations -fiscal responsibility of elected officials -a Unifying Vision is needed -transition to a strong mayor form of government -increase salary of mayor and city council to encourage all ages and backgrounds to run -youth volunteer programs (not just high school, also programs to engage younger children) -embrace all types of diversity (racial, sexual, religious)
Edward Rosinski, April 1st, on-line comments 3, 30, 2009,
? One of tolerance and embracing of differences. One that takes responsibility to ensure that all have access to the basics: transportation, education, health care. This vision would also include a community where there is tolerance of people's differences. Where the spiritual leaders of the community were showing compassion for all and equality for all, rather than quoting bible verses and spewing hatred for those that are different. Hypocrisy would be non existent in churches. Finally, I'd like to see a City Council that actually governed something rather than sticking their heads in the sand and pretending nothing is wrong. Make some tough decisions and tell the constituates that times are hard and this is the way things need to be done. Council needs to quit focusing on their individual pet projects/topics and think of the City as a whole. It is hard to connect with a community that is disconnected. I hope all of those suburban sprawl neighborhoods at least begin to beautify the landscape. Uhhh....Its been very challenging here. But when I became involved with solidarity of Hope!

Edward Rosinski, on-line comments 4, 1, 2009,
Working for the community. Diverse opportunities in: outdoor activities, education (youth and adult), entertainment, housing, weather, and restaurants, to name a few.
Kira Pasquesi Chamber Rising Professionals 8 people Slocum Commons, Colorado College 3, 31, 2009, 11:30 Diverse community and leadership

More private public partnerships Festivals Brand and identity for the city Public spaces and venues for dialogue Share ideas and best practices from other cities
Wendy Mack Rotary Group 8 people Embassy Suites 3, 18, 2009, 12:00
We are diverse.

Prudence Zimmer, Leadership Summit, 5 at my table, Antlers 3, 17, 2009, 14:30 Senior services--alternatives offered, not just traditional services; be a proactive community so seniors can have a meaningful role in the community

Jes Raintree Cheyenne Village Administration (Goodwill Industries Clients/Staff/Care Providers) 22 2, 10, 2009, 9:00 Recognize businesses who employ disabled. Community unity, responsibility, individuals are accepted and work together toward dream and find success. Grass root access, not top down management directives. Lots open to the public to have fun and learn, and socialize. Give time, get involved, develop understanding. Wonderful volunteers. We feel an incentive (not sure what it is for Colorado Springs) because we are involved. Strong non-profit (Goodwill) with a board and volunteers that are really aware. Need more volunteers offering their time and talent. Awareness of different segments of our community, working together on projects. Acknowledge what we learn from our community. More involvement. All people have a handicap, just some of us need more assistance. Recognize all types and all levels of contributions. Make a difference.
Jes Raintree Old Colorado City Association 7 Old Town Guest House Conference Center 3, 10, 2009, 6:00 Public engagement and activity (parks and green space). Volunteerism.
Non-profit organizations. High volunteerism. Community events ( fireworks, Globe, July 4th).
Jes Raintree Chamber Rising Professionals 8 (1 of 5 tables) Colorado College, Slocum Hall 3, 31, 2009, 11:30 Volunteers work with kids, parks, team support (sportsmanship, teamwork).
Inclusion of surrounding communities with downtown area. Stronger newspaper. Create common, electronic based, web portal with local focus for communication. Local magazine. The Pillar.

,  ,  ,

Paula George Chamber Rising Professionals 8 in my small group Colorado College Slocum Hall 3, 31, 2009, 11:30 The community has the power of participation The people have a voice and use it Our public officials are payed a living wage so more get involved More people became invested when results began to be obvious Chamber Rising Professionals A sense of community pride
Paula George CONO 12 in my small group Senior Center 4, 7, 2009, 7:00
We're all pulling together, resulting in a new political climate We took action politically and economically Community activism Honest politicians CONO The willingness to listen to public opinion (like DC2020) Volunteerism United Way
Emilie Satterwhite, Come One Come All session at Sand Creek Library, 4 attendees 4, 8, 2009, 6:00

-a community tradition of philanthropy as set by Palmer, Penrose, Stratton etc
Paula George Website postings 4, 10, 2009,
The community takes care of and pride in the surrounding beauty We unite to improve all living conditions for all to enjoy Encouraging all to keep the city clean We keep the public informed via various media

Amber Cote, Urban League/Dream City 2020, Youth Speak Out/Town Hall , there were six youth in my group, Galileo Math and Science School 4, 11, 2009, 2:00
*Young people are encouraged to get involved with community leadership from all over town, often and early. *More young, diverse people are involved in leadership for our city, so young people's issues are addressed and they feel more a part of their community.

Paula George Youth Speak Out 6 in my small group Galileo School 4, 11, 2009, 13:00 Clean, attractive city Healthy role models We have training teams that go out to the rest of the country to show people how we are doing things right We work politically for laws and policies that require certain of the actions we have taken to happen throughout the U.S. We serve as a global model by taking our message and processes to the U.N. Push volunteerism

Edward Rosinski, Drop-In Group, 12, All Souls Unitarian Church 4, 14, 2009, 10:00 Co-housing community More community involvement The downtown area Good newspaper Better partnership with the military Grassroots communication about tolerance and acceptance of other views
Frank Kinder Leadership Pikes Peak 17 attendees. LPP HQ. 3, 3, 2009, 13:00 we have a diverse engaged and happy youth. positive community. we understand and are monitored in our goals. we are an identifiable community with a connection as a whole. we have strong communication and collaboration via partnerships to reduce overlap, competition, and fiefdoms in well intentioned groups. qualities of life indicators. strong master planning to accomplish these systems. there is quality entertainment for young people.
frank kinder, 2nd part of Leadership Pikes Peak HQ Visioning session 3, 3, 2009, 13:00

a purposeful, distinctive image based on our industry, community by having ..
Diane Salek, Leadership Summit, Antlers Hilton, 3 attendees 3, 17, 2009, 13:30
Responsive mayoral government; create "cities within cities that have own identities
"Brand" the city; establish a city spokesperson
Kira Pasquesi City Council and Senior Staff 8 attendees City Hall 4, 16, 2009, 12:00 Diverse population Cohesive community Active, involved and informed citizens City is comfortable with its own identity Tolerant of all diversity yet still celebrate our conservative nature Founding vision of a rich culture and environment Warm welcome to newcomers Trust in public officials Involved and engaged citizens with an accurate perception Pro-city newspaper that presents the full picture Both sides reporting that's accurate Central way to communicate and engage with citizens Healthy criticism and dialogue Utilizing social media and tools out there Doug Bruce type of city thinking must go
Jane Aiello - Interagency @ PPWFC (6) 4, 16, 2009, 13:00 n/a more people need to be aware of the DD community. Mainstreaming, job opps, etc. One participant stressed that ex-offenders also need more employment opps n/a n/a
Robin Spaulding; City council and City managers; 12 attendees; City Hall 4, 16, 2009, 11:30 More community involvement in judicial process in a less formal manner Strong community connections. Community where everyone is valued for their contributions- inclusive. Engage primary employers in civic issue Businesses engaged in the community whether headquarters or branch offices located here Media more community oriended and less sensationalism Involved, educated caring citizens Short term residents (like military) are welcomed and gain a sense of community Volunteerism- nonprofit organizations Attractive to retirees Next generation to stay in community
Paul Martinez, Youth Speak Out Forum hosted by the Urban League, 6 attendees, co-facilitated with newer facilitator, whose name escapes me.... 4, 11, 2009, 2:00 Would like to see generations working together Adults are more engaged with the success of teenagers- stronger mentorship programs across the generational lines - high degree of initiative from adults to make this mentorship program possible
Need venues that connect the citizens and cater to different ages in terms of activities, shopping, recreation and that are affordable - similar to Denver Downtown, LODO area Aurora Colorado has recreation areas that cater to teens - would like to see these come about in CS
Kathryn Curry, Scrib for the CONO Meeting at the Colorado Springs, CO Senior Center with approx 30 attendees 4, 7, 2009, 19:00
1.diverse city council and county commission 1.right to vote 2. preserve our freedoms/right to express ourselves 1.more community involvement 2.broaden public process for input 3.promote & motivate population of area to make new things happen 4.develop population to make new things happen 5.stimulate community involvement 6. develop more CONOs and then communicate & brainstorm w/each other and/or neighborhood watches, etc.
Paula George PPITT 5 in my small group Pikes Peak Workforce Center 4, 16, 2009, 13:00
The cluster communities have their own political power with independent decision-making ability Each cluster community has a representative who sits on an area-wide Council for decision-making that affects the region as a whole Citizens are personally responsible for the community's success; they are involved and volunteering their time and talents

Jessica Lister & Amber Cote Native American Advisory Council Unknown # of attendees El Pomar 4,  , 2009, 5:30 Unifying differences--community that works together--"We're all related, brothers and sisters." Pride in our community We are a community that plans (and prays) for the next seven generations--lead by Native American philosophy (mindfulness) Communities are not afraid of each other Young, informed, community-oriented (grew up civic-minded) leaders Children and young adults are not afraid of their voice! Paid mayor and city officials
Employers support community service with paid time-off Leadership needs to be more diverse Public service--expansion of horizons beyond our borders Bring back "Community Conversations on Race"--open pathways to communication Community service is accessible to everyone More involvement by philanthropic individuals, organizations
Paula George Artemis 7 in my small group Imagination Celebration in Citadel Mall 4, 23, 2009, 11:30 Cross-pollinating (influencing) the entire region Women take the lead We have fewer non-profits because we take care of each other The dreaming process Our passion for this region
LouAnn Dekleva, D11 Teacher Sounding Board,16, Tesla School 4, 13, 2009, 17:00 Diversity of culture - everyone getting along Community engagement by all citizens Partnerships with military including retired
Create an awareness among students of the value of service - scholarship, college application Community service - increase knowledge of groups - promote opportunities for families A community that serves one another - Marion House, building homes
LouAnn Dekleva, D11 Senior Sounding Board,12, D11 Administration Building 4, 24, 2009, 14:00

A bigger pool of people willing to run for public office - school board, city council, state legislature, US legislature
Sherry Kirk, El Paso Corp, 12, 2 N Nevada 4, 27, 2009, 11:30 sports facilities areas kept up, lighting for night games -a sense of community "your space matters" -work on what we have in common -people are more far sighted, we look at the "big picture" -the Olympic Training Center -YMCA
Anna Seder, Artemis Women, 7 people at my location, Celebration Place @ Citadel mall 4, 23, 2009, 11:00
The Pikes Peak region is an ideal community if we create a long-term vision for the community and never lose sight of it. This a city without silos and we understand the connectivity between the economy, social well-being, the environment, etc. Each impacts the other. Citizens have a sense of stewardship and ownership. We are a city that takes care of ourselves (i.e. TESSA, CASA). We are a city that does things privately if necessary to fund our needs. With that said, we have to have the tax base for essential city services. "Our spirit" as a community We need to address community divisiveness regarding faith and political views. We need a government without silos. We need leaders who want what is best for the community. We need to identify people who are strong leaders for the community. How do we develop strong leaders with the system we have right now? How do we groom leaders with a long-term vision? We need to help the military community connect more intimately with the community. We have a strong military presence that we want to preserve and we need to "bring them in" to the community. We need more community input and "transparency" regarding decisions that impact our pocketbooks and the economy. Specifically, the USOC dealings were mentioned. There are mixed feelings regarding paying any organization to stay in our community. One way to balance the polarization of opinions is to allow for more community engagement. We need more trust that our leaders are representing us properly. We need programs that celebrate diversity.
Yolanda Roberts District Attorney's Office 5 people in breakout session 105 East Vermijo Street 4, 30, 2009, 11:30 Community Involvement - sports, diversity, kids, keeping the city clean. ...there were more investment in the community. ...this was a self-sufficient community, a "walkable" community. -Community Involvement and volunteer organizations. -Make volunteer service a requirement for high school teenagers.
Jane Hammoud, Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group Directors, 10 4, 29, 2009, 15:00 For the community to EMBRACE a diverse community not just tolerate Everyone is connected in their neighborhood. Fridays are community project days. Work and school are closed for families and friends to be out helping others. There is a high level of individual responsibility and accountability to creating a quality community. Vibrant nonprofit community. The Independent Diversity in all areas, inclusion encouraged, embracing and accepting of all. No stereotyping. Lack the COMMUNITY WILL to get the work done. Community desire and feel to work together on common good.
Mark Tremmel, Old North End Neighborhood, 22 approx., First Luthern Assembly Hall 3, 17, 2009, 15:00 diverse and accepting community that has re-invented itself. City Celebrations are popular - Palmer Day and Stratton Day Uniqueness if city enlivened broom-ready', hard working people keep clean, safe, engaged citizens Involved neighborhoods, Gazette ownership is made community owned
Paula George Diversity Forum 7 in my small group Penrose Library, Carnegie Room 5, 1, 2009, 13:00 We engage young people in addressing and solving their "problems"--including and especially sex education--so that they all can achieve their goals We have cultivated leaders who are willing to work together for the betterment of the community City Council is paid a living wage, thereby involving more citizens People with developmental disabilities are fully involved in education, work force, the community at large Kristin (one of the participants) is mayor, earning $500K We engage people of all faiths--or no faith Our philanthropic spirit and many non-profits Restorative Justice system for the community Veterans', Mental Health, and Drug Courts (specialized)
Mark Tremmel, Community of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO), 30 approx. and Hancock Community Center 4, 7, 2009, 15:00 Strong neighborhoods are needed. Urban and rural harmony for all Friendly people and neighborhoods Fully developed and intergrated plan of city
Paula George SAAL 8 The ARC 4, 30, 2009, 17:30
We have access to legislators because they spend time here, not just in Denver Parades where everyone can participate Better city government--people who understand disability issues, person with a disability on the Council or County Commission SAAL representation on committees that drive policy
Paula George Citizens Project 8 in my small group Penrose Library Carnegie Room 4, 29, 2009, 17:00 We change the public reputation we have The vast majority of citizens are informed and engaged City government officials are well-paid and truly work for the common good--more people want to be involved Victims have the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the justice process Citizens Project Gill Foundation (and it expands without controversy) Integral political world view
Terry Shattuck CASA 9 701 South Cascade at the CASA office 4, 8, 2009, 15:30 more opportunities for the public to govern and get invloved in decision making. more volunteerisn - both formal and informal. More interaction between neighbors leads to more concern and less need for public funds. All of our free cultural events Area newspapers and other media More citizen input into government More actual governing done by citizen and neighborhood groups. More and better use of the Internet in engaging citizens in the community
Aaron Atwood, Hispanic Advisory Council, 30 attendees, Penrose House 3, 4, 2009, 5:30 Youth sports are important Hispanics participate more than today "Small town feel"
Aaron Atwood, UCCS School of Public Affairs, 12, UCCS 2, 18, 2009, 17:00 Community gets involved Independence of local authority
Add recreational activities that get people involved get retirees involved
Aaron Atwood, CASA, 8, CASA HQ 4, 8, 2009, 15:30
Restorative justice Strong family feeling Could the private sector adopt a nonprofit as their "cause of choice"? Mentor youth
Sherry Kirk- the Diversity Forum- 6 Pikes Peak Library 5, 1, 2009, 13:00 diverse group of people working together -kids are the future and its important to involve their thoughts
-strong partnerships between organizations -strong philanthropic nature -military community and the diversity that the military brings
Terry Shattuck Pikes Peak Workforce center 8 people Pikes Peak Workforce center - 2306 E. Pikes Peak Ave 4, 16, 2009, 13:00 We need to find a way to get diverse groups interacting more on a group and personal level. Need to eliminate self segregation and seperatist attitudes. 1. We have many community and neighborhood organizations to pull people closer together and look out more for each other. Close knit neighborhoods are more likely to be crime free. nobody could think of any currently existing that are worth saving as is. 1. More neighgborhood organizations tied togethr through such other organizatins as CONO
Emilie Satterwhite District Attorney's Office/Society of Women Engineers 6 attendees DAs Office 4, 30, 2009, 11:30
-we are an inclusive community with great internal communication -Volunteerism is increased, in part by the support of area corporations in having employees volunteer -volunteer structure -a center for volunteerism
Jes Raintree Colorado Natives Club 18 Otis Park Community Center 4, 23, 2009, 6:00
Strong language programs for diverse backgrounds More formal and informal volunteerism Extremely high citizen participation on boards and in government
Neighborhood organizations (associations) are close knit We are equal to government administration, we have a voice
Paula George High school Girl Scouts 7 Leader's home 4, 28, 2009, 18:30
Children have better role models to look up to; parents are more involved We take more time to do community activities Open forum for government; the community has a voice that is heard Community clean-ups No government corruption Northern Churches Care Food banks Girl/Boy Scouts
Paula George Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group 21 in my group 525 N. Cascade (PPBHG office) 4, 29, 2009, 15:00
We thought big Citizens are involved--they care and they vote We are interested in the world beyond our city We successfully integrated the military into the community Fun events (parades, Springspree, fireworks, Balloon Classic) Our freedoms--voting, religious, civil Pride in our community Opportunities to gather--create an "US"
Paula George Middle School Girl Scouts 6 Leader's home 5, 5, 2009, 18:30

Girl Scouts and their cookies!
Paula George Clients and staff of PP Behavioral Health Group 15 Pathways 5, 6, 2009, 13:30
People help others 365 days a year (not just Thanksgiving and Christmas) We have properly elected government officials We have a truly democratic city government (all are heard) More respect for Native Americans (and everybody else) Community togetherness--outings, activities, picnics, block parties Dream City People doing jury duty get paid well
Anna Seder, Citizen's Project, 10 attendees (already entered), Penrose Carnegie Room 4, 29, 2009, 17:00

Small town feel -- smaller communities within Colorado Springs A tradition of volunteerism, non-profits and philanthropy A reputation of more positivity Quality of Life (QLI) Indicators
Kira Pasquesi El Paso Corporation 12 El Paso Corp office 4, 28, 2009, 11:30
Community center with programs No TABOR
Integrate military with rest of city Integration of all side/sectors of city
Anna Seder, Citizens' Project (continued), 10 attendees, Penrose Carnegie Reading Room 4, 29, 2009, 17:00

Projects that are seen through ... we need sustainable decisions and development. Perception that military retirees don't want to pay. Need to create citizen conversations with the military (i.e., Peace Academy). Need to create a mindset that we don't need to grow to prosper. Need to create leadership that is not afraid to lose influence/power/wealth by making decisions for the common/greater good. Create pay rate for City Council. City government needs to look beyond the excuse "its a policy decision" and look at the policies. What is the real reasoning behind some of our city decisions?
Anna Seder, Citizen's Project (continued), 10 attendees, Penrose Carnegie 4, 29, 2009, 17:00

Pride Center Pride Fest Cinco De Mayo Juneteenth Diversity Festival
Paula George Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs 5 Cheyenne Mountain Library 5, 30, 2009, 10:00 Communication--what's happening Community working together with a vision, mingling, inviting Farmers' markets--outdoor interaction Participatory democracy--not self-seeking, it's bigger than me Work together--willingness to create a vision and act on it Comcast has a public access channel Creative problem-solving--implementation of the solutions Reinvented ourselves, from the old way to leading others Worked from within instead of bringing others from outside Inclued the local great ideas into the implementation of the creative solutions Created strategic partnerships with other community activities (than Victorian village project) Local government supports the ideals of the citizens Entrepreneurial ideas and people and opportunities Widespread citizen participation
Webpage posts 6, 4, 2009, When the community came together to get the High Chaparral open space protected Volunteer work in the community; just one day of work made a huge difference All parts of the community become involved in living in less materialistic ways As a community we have to be more conscious of our actions Community of support and involvement through community gardens, concerts, and other activities Events that bring the community together for important causes When the mayor and city council showed up at Poor Richard's to oppose Fred Phelps
Frank Kinder. Manitou Springs Economic Development Council. 21 Manitou Springs City Hall. 6, 25, 2009, 6:00 People on sidewalk-thoughtful infrastructure-invites tourism. Welcoming to new comers-multi cultural. Communication between gov. and citizens begins before project is decided-public input is valued and available. Citizen input is valued and used in publically funded decision making. Community ivolvement and volunteerism is strong. Freedom Wholistic planning, buildings and transportation are master planned for smart growth.
Frank Kinder, Manitou EDC, 21, Jun 25. Manitou Springs City Hall. Becci, this is an update to my earlier submission, i have two more pages of notes. 6, 25, 2009, 6:00

A sense of pride shown by our tax payments supporting community with dollars. Consistent communication. Thinking out of the box by our political leaders.