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Vision Statement:

1. A vital downtown Colorado Springs is a focal point of the greater Pikes Peak area preserving, creating, and promoting a safe and vibrant hub for business, family entertainment, culture, arts and educational activity. Downtown will be a destination for local residents and area visitors. Downtown Colorado Springs incorporates mixed use development creating a high density area that is walkable, bikeable and pet friendly.

2. Community hubs reflect unique characters. Our neighborhood centers provide all basic needs in close proximity. Attributes of these areas are interconnected trails, open space, community gardens, family and pet friendly. Development and redevelopment consists of mixed-use, mixed-income with single and mult-family housing and higher density areas.

3. We are recognized as a sustainable community and environmental impact is considered in all decisions. Sustainable buildings are sited for energy efficiency in natural environments. We maintain open spaces, trails and other natural resources; conserve native vegetation, wildlife habitats and ecosystems in order to insure clean water, clean air, abundant wildlife, parks and wilderness areas for present and future generations. We are a community that conserves water use indoors and out.

4. Our community respects and preserves its historic origins and western heritage while promoting smart growth, affordable housing and economic development. Attention is paid to reducing sprawl by balancing natural and built environment and old versus new development. Smart growth is defined and maintained by a collaborative process between citizens, City, County and State governments.

5. Community leadership within and outside of City, County and State governments must collaborate to articulate, promote and advance a shared preservation and development vision for the entire Pikes Peak area. Balance the conflicting and competing ideas with understanding and respect. Insure that no neighborhood or community is left behind in terms of quality of life, economic opportunity and access to community services.

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