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Date Name What is your vision for your community in 2020? What do you like best about the Pikes Peak region? Describe a moment when you felt the best connection to your community.
2009-07-16 Faye Thompson from: Faye Thompson (719)264-6692 We need much larger hanging baskets in the downtown area and they need to be hung lower so they show uop better. I lived here for almost four (4) years before I noticed they even existed and yet I love hanging baskets more than any other flower arrangements. Also, we need to plant wild flowers and hardy perennials alongside the freeways. There are many hardy YELLOW flowers which would be good for this i.e. The unblievable turn out at Roky Mtn Calvary for the "operation Christmas project" The mild weather and the friendly people.
2009-07-16 Henry Luckel I want to see Colorado Springs return to it's small town feel. I do not want to be Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City. I can not be at the meeting on Saturday - I'm out of town. All I see is increased taxes to bring more people here which will ruin our "small town". Drop the dream! The climate. When I was serving the homeless at the Springs Rescue Mission.
2009-07-15 Liz Rosenbaum, Voltaire Engineering . com An Area where people use the least amount of energy because they have4 decided to be excellent stewards of their community. The thing I like best? Clean. The water, air, landscape, I love how clean it is here. I moved here in 2000 (via the military) and one look at the beautiful mountain range and bright skies, we stayed.
2009-07-13 Liz Wageck With the focus on cycling in CO, I would love to see Colorado Springs embrace it more--with more paved bike paths and extended shoulders (esp. through areas like Black Forest) with painted bike lanes. I spent some time recently cycling the bike paths connecting communities in Summit County and similar from Aspen to Glenwood this summer. How about similar here with a path encircling the city? Make it easier to get around on a road bike. How about paved paths to Denver? To Pueblo and other areas? Motorists would no doubt appreciate seeing some of the cycling enthusiasts moving from roadways to bike paths. Make this a beautiful cycling mecca--yeah! Then more cycling events sponsored by various groups could bring visitors in, etc. The natural beauty. I've recently moved back after many years away. Feels good to be back to a welcoming community.
2009-07-13 Nancy Poe I would like to see the city grant major tax credits for the establishment of a "Hollywood in Colorado" to bring in artists and producers from Caflifornia. We have land available east of Colorado Springs to build "Hollywood" and many private parties and agencies (profit and non-profit) that could support the building and sets. Most outdoor settings from the sand dunes to Denver to the mountains and ski slopes are available within 100 miles of Colorado Springs. We are the perfect location for "Hollywood in Colorado". If we build it, they will come. Natural surroundings, clean air and water, and climate. Right now!
2009-07-13 Jackie Rockwell I see a culture of sustainability throughout the city and the Pikes Peak region. The beautiful natural environment and the warm and friendly people. When I got involved in furthering sustainability in our community.
2009-07-12 Rick Lynch The future belongs to our young people, so why not center our vision around working with them to create it? What if we teamed up with our young people to do learning projects to continue to move forward as we work to imagine, understand, and build this fu Relatively small city next to the great outdoors. Working with all ages at a recent Relay for Life fundraising event.
2009-07-10 Randy Lindsey Lots of good public transit so we can reduce reliance on cars. Good bike routes, mainly on streets via painted lanes, so bikes get right of way just as cars do. Much faster than bike paths where you have to stop every few blocks. Extend the sense of community I often feel on the west side across the whole city. Many of us live very close to the mountains and other wild spaces, often within walking distance. A large portion of the community (westsiders and downtowners especially) live here because they prefer the place, not because their job just put them here. It happens all the time, when I randomly run into somebody I know at a store, downtown, the airport, even in Dallas as we prepared for a flight home. I love that feeling of connection, almost like a small town.
2009-07-08 Sean Holveck A community that is less divided and people don't just talk about what they want to change but to get out their and make it happen. We all want change, but we are all responsible for making it happen. I love the diversity of the people, and the beautiful outdoors and opportunities that are available. The best connection is when my neihgbors and I are in the yard helping each other and talking about the great things that go on in our city.
2009-07-06 Liz Smith A tolerant green community. Allowing for a spectrum of income levels and lifestyle choices. The out door activities. At the first Tejon Bike Festival.