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Date Name What is your vision for your community in 2020? What do you like best about the Pikes Peak region? Describe a moment when you felt the best connection to your community.
2009-04-29 Jeannette Holtham A city where we understand genuine connection, where we recognize that each person has special and unique value to us. Where we recognize that our homeless shelters, and even our prisons and youth detention centers are merely a reflection of how we think of ourselves and one another as a community. Where no child is forgotten or 'thrown away'. Where suspension and expulsion are a thing of the past. Where we find a more life-enhancing way to 'teach' people the lessons that mistakes have to offer, reserving the 'lock-em-up' method for only those cases that cannot be rehabilitated. Where prisons no longer warehouse the mentally ill; where these individuals find refuge in a community that understands and can respond, rather than react. Its natural beauty, our many parks, our hiking and biking trails, the 300 plus days of inspiring sunshine and a frosted Peak sometimes even in July. Every time a group came together in mutual concern and creative solutions, speaking to one another with civility and reverent listening.
2009-04-22 Anna Ellis I hope that we can have several alternative energy sources being used by out community. I like that we have many outdoor recreational activities and that our cities are all starting to look at alternative energy sources. I felt the best connection when the hayman fire was going on because I think it made everyone aware of what is going on in the environment and it brought everyone in the community together to stop it.
2009-04-22 Dalean Greenlee Very simply - to have the city treat each and every neighborhood equally and not ignore - or seeminly ignore - certain areas of the city. I love the old and original city that used to be Colorado Springs. Growth is necessary but the unplanned sprawl is sad. The veteran's parade - any year.
2009-04-19 Gerald McGonigle I would like to see a city that has learned the evils of never-ending growth and expansion. One that has realized that constant outward expansion is the root cause of the internal cancer known as urban blight. I would hope that efforts would be made to li This area is blessed with great natural beauty and a favorable climate. The Springs has a history of being a place people want to visit. We must do everything we can to preserve and enhance the area's natural beauty. Preserving open space must be a priority, but we must also be committed to providing the resources to maintain and nurture these open spaces. Parks without grass, woodlands without trails, etc. won't bring in many tourists. Above all, we must not allow our city to become the poster child for urban sprawl. I felt the greatest connection to my community in the late '70s. This was a time when a much smaller and interconnected city existed that had a proportionately larger array of manufacturing and other businesses bringing income into our town from outside. City services were generally much better then and the administration seemed to be able to maintain them without constantly crying for more tax revenue. There was a much greater sense of living in one, unified city, rather than a collection of widely spread out developments. It was also a time when people seemed to have more time to connect with their neighbors and their community.
2009-04-14 Kalee Ricks It would be amazing if our community made a shift towards more sustainable practices. Public transportation is vital as well as putting in more side walks so citizens can ride their bikes and walk. I think it's important to buy locally and support the local businesses. There are lots of places to enjoy nature. Not only do we have Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods but we have many other parks and spaces to enjoy the outdoors. The key is to tread lightly on these beautiful areas. I feel the best connection with my community when there is events that bring the community together for important causes.
2009-04-14 josh g. I would like to see more emphasis placed on experiential learning at the primary education level rather than so much focus on standardized testing. One grounded in sustainable living and preparation for a new future, with regard for the environment and the empowerment of all people. More opportunity created by providing social programs and awareness of social pressures among youth, such as hardcore substance abuse and depression. I would like to have seen Gold Mesa developed into a museum or natural conservatory, but more houses will work i guess. The mountains and history hiking Cheyenne mountain and visiting the presidential wax museum
2009-04-14 Scott Callahan A state of the art city leading the way in mass transportation and sustainability. Limited growth which will increase home values and help urban renewal and more parks and open space. The location When the community came together to get the High Chaparral open space protected.
2009-04-14 Janelle Cox I think that for the future I would like to see a community that is much more interdependent in terms of power and sustainability. One that can grow their own food and not depend on imported materials nearly as much. Also I would like to see communities that advocate a more sustainable life style in terms of energy conservation. A community that does things like all use energy efferent light bulbs, turn out the lights when not in use, reduce appliance usage, walk places, and car pool if necessary. I think that best thing about the Pike's Peak region is the amount of outdoor activities we have to do; we are lucky to be situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. There are so many camping, biking, hiking, and climbing opportunities right out our front doors. I also love the parks and recreational areas we have at our leisure. I do however realize that a lot of these areas are at risk for habitat degradation and erosion. I would agree that appropriate measures need to be taken in order to keep these areas pristine for future generations. I think that the moment that I felt best connected to my community was when I did some volunteer work in the community. Even though it was required for a class, we participated in rehabilitating wetlands in a highly eroded area. We moved plants from a dense area of plant growth to the new area for re-growth and generation. The best part was going back a year later and seeing how much the area had changed and the difference we made by taking one day out of our busy lives and planting just a few hundred plants.
2009-04-14 Danielle Hartman My vision for my community in 2020 is for us to find a sustainable way to live that is not relying on fossil fuels. Our focus will have to be finding new ways of renewable energy. People will need to learn how to live their lives in less materialistic ways. For these things to happen it will be necessary for all parts of the community to be involved. I think that in 2020 there will have to be more convenient ways of transportation that the public can use, that will allow them to travel inter-cities. There are so many sustainable methods that our community has to start using. I love the Pikes Peak region because of its beauty. The only reason that I moved to Colorado Springs was because of the beautiful mountain. I think that the region is amazing for recreational activities, and your own spiritual findings. I know that I am not the only person that is influenced by the Pikes Peak region, so as a community we have to be more conscious of our actions. Unfortunately, if the community does not start caring the region will start to deteriorate. There are plenty of moments when I am over in Garden of the Gods that I feel completely connected with the area. It's beautiful and every time I go there I feel a sense of relaxation (if only I was thinking of all the damage that is occurring to GOG). There are many actions that even I must take to help out with this community. Colorado Springs is a beautiful area and our connected directly with or revenue, tourism. If the community doesn't get connected with helping the conservation and restoration of the Pikes Peak region we will lose it all.
2009-04-14 Matt Philson a city that has great public transportation, were i am able to travel across town under an hour. a community of support and involvement through community gardens, concerts, and other activities. i enjoy the close access to wonderful national forest and ability to experience the great outdoors so close to home Attending the local farmers market, and engaging with the person who is suppling me with my food. also meeting other people who have a passion for food.